Enam Bosokah

My name is Enam Bosokah, a sculptor and portrait artist. I was born and raised in the Volta region of Ghana. I am 31, currently living and working in Accra, our capital.
I have spent the last 4 years drawing with the ballpoint pen, portraiture to a large extent. I make portraits of everyday people. I developed a passion for the arts at an early age but was not sure where it was going to take me. However, my decision to study fine arts in high school was an issue of following my heart rather than knowing what i want and going for it. That in fact was  my first step towards becoming an artist and I never stopped.





I keep my options open as far as topics to talk about are concerned but more importantly, I like to focus more on issues of social change.
I have had a couple of exhibitions in Ghana, Italy and France.
You can follow my work on social media, boski_pens on instagram and Enam Bosokah on my faceebook page.




Kofi Annan

My next body of works are tipped to make a greater impact as I feel there is more dept to it than anything I ever done so far. I have just started working on this project and will be sharing a few progress shots on my social media platforms. I encourage you to keep in touch for a sneak peek of my new works before they are completed.

Muhammad Ali
Martin Luther King
Untiteled, verkauft
Untiteled, verkauft

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