Our mission is to promote art and artist from Ghana in Germany.

In order to do so  we exhibit selected artists in our Gallery in Stuttgart as well as on art fairs all over Germany. Obviously, space is limited and therefore we cannot show all the beautiful Art that Ghanaian artists produce. However, we want to use our social media channels to do so, and that’s where you can promote yourself and your works to our followers and help grow our community and thus promote all the art from Ghana.

Sounds interesting? Than all you need to do is answer these questions. You can either do so by writing an email to profiles@to-choose.de or recording your answers on a video on a smartphone (landscape format, please make sure audio is in good quality!!!)

  • Who are you – Name, Age, Nationality
  • What are you doing – give us an insight in the kind of works you are doing
  • By whom, what and when were you inspired to become an artist?
  • What are your topics you want to express with your artworks?
  • Where did you exhibit in the past?
  • Where can people follow you and see your works in the www (social media, websites, online galleries etc.)?
  • Is there anything else you want to share with art-lovers in- and outside of Ghana?

You don’t need to stick to the questions. Feel free to give us your won insights if you want. The questions are just there to assist you not to forget anything that might be important to others. We are also happy to receive pictures of you recent artworks.
Once we receive your answers, we will produce your profile and after your approval upload it to our channels

Fb: to.choose.art
Insta: to.choose.art

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.

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